Interview to Jesús Márquez Delgado, CEO at Nomasa Innova

Nomasa Innova, focused on the manufacturing of machined parts, is a company expert on the production of precision metal parts since 2010. This young company counts with the wide and strong background of a familiar business. Provided with the latest technology Nomasa works on demand after an exhaustive study of every project, which is developed by a production system environmental friendly, following ISO 9100 quality requirements and proper  waste management  systems.

Devoted to aeronautical parts production by means of a cutting-edge technology on CNC machining centers and CNC lathes, during the last two years Nomasa Innova has experienced a fast and strong consolidation in the aeronautical sector –“thanks to the investments made on the acquisition of the latest generation machinery, and following a company policy which encourages the workforce value”-Jesús Másquez states. These and other features have been the driving force for a strong consolidation of the company on the Spanish market and a increasing growing on the international market.

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